Spring in Tahoe

Spring one of the best times of year to buy a home in Tahoe.  Some of the benefits of are

1)      Find and search homes before it’s too busy in town with other home buyers. Make educated decisions on the best home for you. (the                           summer market can be very competitive)

2)      Get in Early and take advantage of the best time of year (summer) in Tahoe.  Spend the entire summer enjoying the mountains and Lake                   with your family.

3)      Enjoy the off season while you’re shopping for a home.  Locals love the off season not as many crowds in town and on the trails.

4)      Pricing tends to be better, summer prices tend to rise.

5)      Some of the best homes don’t look as nice in the spring after coming off winter. That when you find the hidden gems.

Not to mention interest rates are still down and loans are becoming easier to acquire.  Rates could go up at anytime.   Don’t wait. contact me when you ready.