South Lake Tahoe Dreamers – Five Reasons to Buy in Tahoe

As a 36-year South Lake Tahoe local and 14 year real estate agent (who is only 35!), I have seen some major changes and some of the greatest qualities of South Lake Tahoe stay the same. Tahoe is one of those places that when you’re on vacation it feels like your still on it when you come home. it is simply amazing.

5)   Big Changes in the redevelopment in town

Good news and bad news about the restart to development in South Lake Tahoe. Good news is the town increase its value and the bad news, home prices go up with big changes in town. “Buy now!” Then as a property owner, you have a say in the future of the town.

4) Education in South Lake Tahoe

The community just voted in Measure F that will allow Lake Tahoe Community College campus, LTCC, to upgrade current facilities, create better relationships with the UC system, and explore the possibilities of offering four-year degrees.

A recent major remodel on South Lake Tahoe High School, added state-of-the-art theater, sports medicine and graphic arts programs. For elementary age students, Bijou Community School has a Two Way Bilingual Immersion  program that is growing each year and instruction now continues through grade 12 so students can graduate with a State Seal of Biliteracy on their diploma.

3)Market Recovery 

the South Lake Tahoe real estate market has recovered and stabilized. Winter is the best time to buy with lower prices than the summer months.

2)Quality of Life 

The small community of South Lake Tahoe has a lot to offer it residents from outdoor activities to cultural arts performances. South Lake Tahoe offers a small town feel with city advantages. Throughout the year we experience 248 sunny days, all of that vitamin D does wonders for your attitude! We enjoy world class winter snow sports, serene spring days, unbelievable summer weather and gorgeous, warm falls with just our friends out on the trails with us.

1)Lake Tahoe

The lake provides an amazing backdrop to your daily commute, workout, shopping, etc. On at least a weekly basis I catch myself thinking, “Wow, I live here!”